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Kitchsmart 10 LED, USB, Dimmable Light Wand for PC or Laptop

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How many times have you stumbled blindly in the dark while out camping? Didn't you wish there was enough light so you could relieve your bladder without getting bruised? What about being constantly yelled at by your co-passenger to turn off the lights, when you want to read for a bit longer? While lanterns and emergency lights work to a certain extent, they could soon run out of power, if they are used frequently. Moreover, emergency lights should be reserved for times of dire need, and not while you take care of personal needs, while it can be difficult lugging around a lantern or bulky lighting device at this time. On the other hand, travelers can't even think about these lighting alternatives the practical solution is this very handy and useful USB stick light, which can illuminate spaces such as interior of camping tents and even the keyboard on your laptop. It uses superior quality leds for the lighting, so you get a long-lasting solution. Key features: 10 powerful 1-watt leds are used for illumination, which emit clear and lucid light. Leds utilize less power, which makes this gadget more energy-efficient, thereby prolonging its shelf life. It has a variety of applications for activities like camping, hiking outdoor sports, shedding more light on keyboards and keypads, functioning as a reading light in the dark, and much more. For your convenience, this device is designed to be compatible with multiple USB ports. The bendable neck makes it very easy to adjust its position just the way you want - you can even dim the light by touching it the compact structure enhances portability, so you can take it along whenever you travel for business or leisure. It also gives you privacy when you need it's Lastly.

  • Easy operation - the USB light one feet long wand is equipped with a slim and snake-like, flexible
  • Efficient solution - it is touted to be one of the most affordable, lucrative and smart lighting
  • Multiple power sources - the device is USB integrated, so all you need to do is plug-in it in any
  • Exceptional longevity - the USB stick light has 10 LED bulbs, which draws just 1 watt of power,
  • Extremely portable - this gadget is very lightweight with a compact structure, so you can carry it


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